Difference between MRM and DFDL

MRM- Message Repository Manager
DFDL- Data Format Description Language

Difference b/w MRM-DFDL
MRM is the full form for "Message Repository Manager". This feature is Supported only in Message Broker.
DFDL is the full form for "Data Format Description Language". This is introduced in MB 8.0 as a new Parser and Domain.
  • MRM is Proprietary standard, where as DFDL is Open standard same like as WSDL.
  • MRM is used only in message broker, where as DFDL Can be used any product as it is Open standard and Message Broker is the 1st software product that supports DFDL in WebSphere family.
  • MRM Can’t test the modeling without deploying message set and flow that uses it. Whereas DFDL can be tested without deploying the messaging model (WMB8 toolkit has DFDL tester).
  • Coming to performance aspect, Performance of DFDL parser is much better than MRM.
  • MRM Can’t be migrated or share message modeling to any other software products. But DFDL can be migrated or share message modeling to any other software products.

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